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Customer trying on santa hat (Phot Album -  IMG_3241).Amie wearing leprechan hat for Photo AlbumTwo Old Bags Designs craft show booth (Photo Album - IMG_3189).Customers trying on hats (Photo Album - IMG_3074).Customer trying on halloween purple spider hat (Photo Album - IMG_2977).Customer trying on long slender santa hat (Photo Album - IMG_3201).Two Old Bags Designs Owner standing in front of her booth (Photo Album - IMG_3181).Customer wearing a headband with a big bow ontop (Photo Album - IMG_3162).Customer wearing a plaid long slender santa hat (Photo Album - IMG_3290).Owner standing inside her booth at a different craft show (Photo Album - IMG_3164)Owner standing inside her Halloween decorated booth (Photo Album - IMG_3086) Owner standing inside her booth decorated differently for Halloween (Photo Album - IMG_3126).

Someone dressed up in a Witch's outfit looking at her shoes (Photo Album - IMG_3094).Girls wearing headbands with veil material (Photo Album - image Princess2).


Sister Elves







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